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3-Day Breathwork Healer Certification Training



"An In-Depth 3-Day Transformational Journey and Deep-Dive on Activating Your Spiritual Gifts, Becoming a Healer, and Clearing All the Negative Energy Stopping You From Experiencing Total Abundance and Happiness in All Areas of Your Life..." 



DAY 1: Introduction: Experience the Source of Light, Health and Consciousness

9am to 12:30pm PST

  • I will give a keynote presentation where you will discover the new Healing Modality that is Changing the World, and the three pillars of Breatharian Healing,

  • I will teach you how to use your natural breathing process to access the healing Frequencies of Breatharian Haling.

  • I will guide you step by step into the experience of Breatharian Healing Technique, you will get immediate and extraordinary benefits in body, mind, emotions and soul.

  • And much more…

Day 2: Becoming a Healer

Session Starts 8:00am - 2:30pm PST

  • Be ready to delve into the principle pillars of Breatharian Healing through the conscious breath.

  • This day will break down the intricacies of the breath and light energy for you to experience the full power of Breatharian Healing in your body,  mind, emotions, and soul. You will learn to identify how you feel before and after experiencing the proven steps of Akahi pillar techniques.

  • This is your personal day of purification and detoxification on every level of your being. Through the three modules of this day you will experience the profound healing benefits of the Breatharian Healing foundations. This is your opportunity to understand both experientially and intellectually the essence of this breath-work healing art.

  • I will teach you how to tune yourself healing frequencies of the Universe so you can be always connected to Source.

  • I will train you how to embrace your ‘healing gift’ – so you become a powerful beacon of Light.

  • And much more…

Day 3: How to Heal Yourself and Others

Session Starts 8:00am - 2:30pm PST

  • This is the day in which the Breatharian Healing principles incarnate in its practitioners. Through the breath you will experience neuro cellular detoxification, releasing traumas, and toxic thought and emotional patterns. You will understanding the correlation between habitual toxic information and its physical manifestations in muscles, organs, tissues, and cells.

  • Day Three makes self-healing tangible through the in-depth experiential practices and embodiment of the relationship with the breath. The personal interaction with the fundamental pillars of BH creates the template for further development into becoming a practitioner.

  • All of the fundamentals of Breatharian Healing are tied together, laying the foundation of this powerful and incomparable healing modality.

  • And much more…


  • Breatharian™ Healer Certification

  • Bonus 1: Online Video Course $297

  • Bonus 2: Becoming Breathwork Healer eBook $14

  • Bonus 3: Event Video Recordings $197

  • Bonus 4: 2x Breatharian Healing Meditations on MP3 $88

  • Bonus 5: 2x Live Follow Up Q&A $360

  • Lifetime Access to Event Recording

  • Access to a private Facebook group with other members of the class 


Three Days of Lectures and Practices to Become a Certified Breathwork Healer


  (LIFETIME Replay and video recordings  access included as a special bonus... (Value $299)   

  • JANUARY: Friday 29th

    Day 1: Discover the Power of the Breatharian Healing Technique...

    9am PDT/3pm London

  • JANUARY: Saturday 30th

    Day 2: Experiment with the Breatharian Healing Frequencies

    8am PDT/4pm London

  • JANUARY: Sunday 31st

    Day 3: Learn to Facilitate the Breatharian Healing Method.

    8am PDT/4pm London

Here’s everything you get when you enroll in the 3-Day Training today:

  • Lifetime access to the 30-day in-depth training on manifesting anything you desire quickly. You’ll create healthy habits and take total control of your life.

  • Step-By-Step techniques for creating more abundance in all areas of your life health, wealth, and relationships.
  • My personal routines I do daily that gets me in the right vibration and energy to accomplish anything I want.
  • Lifetime access to the Akahi's Facebook Family.
  • ​Get weekly guidance–video and audio coaching from me for 30 days.
  • Community support and group mastermind with a loving and supportive group of like-minded students.
  • An unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee after the start of the program, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.

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  • Bonus #1: Over 25+ hours of intensive "Question and Answer" sessions recorded and stored in our Facebook group - so you can access them at any time (Value $997)

  • Bonus #2: Audio affirmations you can listen to daily to on the topics of Abundance, self-love, and self-worth designed to reprogram your mind for TOTAL Healing (Value $149)
  • Bonus #3: Guided meditation you can use to start your day off successfully (Value $50)

"Breatharian Healer Certification Training with Akahi


An Immersive 3-Day Training The World's Leading Breathwork Healing Master


Lifetime access to my Facebook “Healers” family so you can stay connected and meet like-minded individual... ( Value $997)

Most people struggle, and have a hard time with most healing programs because of ONE THING…ENVIRONMENT.


Have you ever heard the term: “You are the average of your 5 closest friends?”


…But what if your friends, family members, and people in your current social circle are just not SUPPORTIVE of your new


desires for life?


What if they are just not on the same level as you.. Or where you want to go?


That’s why I put together the “Akahi's Conscious Living” Facebook Family.


At first, I considered the idea of charging $20 per month for this…


Then when I saw the positive impact it was having on people’s lives…


The lifelong connections and friends you make…


The ongoing daily support and motivation you get from the group…


The accountability and support you get from fellow “Authentic Healers” who cheer you on, because they’ve been where you are…


The inspiration and motivation you get from seeing people’s live change, on a daily basis…


All of this… This entire environment… This entire FAMILY…


It’s exactly what I WISH and HOPED I had back when I started out on my journey.


It would’ve saved me a ton of pain, frustration, and TIME!


That’s why I’m GIFTING it to you… FREE!


Once you try out my 3-Day Healer Certification Program… You’ll also be invited to join my " Akahi's Conscious Living… Facebook Family! For Life 🙂


It’s a closed, and private group… so everything you see and share there… Stays there!

In summary: This course will teach you everything you need to know about getting rid of anything in your life that doesn’t serve you, and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed about.

And like all of my products, you’re totally covered by my guarantee.

Try Out My Program For the Next 7 Days…

If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Start following the simple guidelines and step-by-step plan and you’ll be amazed at the change that will happen in your life in just 30 days. You’ll feel happy, excited, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.

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It’s Time For You to Start Healing

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Join the Training

 Includes Everything You need to Become a Certified Breathwork Healer

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  • 3-Day Breatharian Healer Certification Training: Live Training starting on Jan. 29, 2021. ($599)

  • Breatharian™ Healer Certification

  • Bonus 1: Online Video Course $297

  • Bonus 2: Becoming Breathwork Healer eBook $14

  • Bonus 3: Event Video Recordings $197

  • Bonus 4: 2x Breatharian Healing Meditations on MP3 $88

  • Bonus 5: 2x Live Follow Up Q&A $360

  • Lifetime Access to Event Recording

  • Access to a private Facebook group with other members of the class 

RETAIL: $1557


After the payment you will receive an email with immediate access to the online training and bonuses.

What People Are Saying About Akahi trainings...


I just completed the 2020 8-Day Breatharian Challenge with Akahi and Camila. It was my first experience with Pranic breathing.  There is simply nothing else to compare it to. Even though the program is fewer days it still incorporates everything needed to make the transition and integrate the process. Akahi and Camila surround you with love and guide you through every moment of the 8 days with great ease, answering all questions presented to them in a way that makes sense to everyone. They share stories about their own Pranic journey.  They create an atmosphere in which you soon feel like you are part of their family.  I am forever grateful.



Kathy H.


Thank you, Akahi & Camila, for your love and willingness to share this process with humanity. Where you share about the breatharian lifestyle, how it is to create freedom and we are free to enjoy the things we love and to enjoy life, is so profound and liberating. I am truly grateful to have initiated this process with you!!


Alfred and Petra


Thank you for an incredible 8 days of the pranic journey. Petra and I really enjoyed and were energized by the challenge. It was the second time doing the 8DP for me and the first for Petra. We appreciate your generosity of time, the tremendous value for the price paid and deeper insights into the Pranic state. Namaste.


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16 Year Traveling The World Healing and Empowering Thousands of People in more than 25 countries...