Master Your Breath and Energy


The fastest and proven way to activate your spiritual gifts and become a healer? Keep reading...

"From Skeptic to Healer in Just 3 Days..."


How did they do go from Skeptic to powerfully healing other people in just a few days?





They attended my  3 Day Breatharian Healing Practitioner Certification Program.


This is for you if you want to learn...

1. How to activate your healing powers and spiritual gifts.

2. How to do powerful energy healings on others
3. Or how to do powerful energy healings on yourself.

4. How to remove your biggest energy blocks 


By MASTERING THE BREATH you can ACTIVATE your ENTIRE energetic body on a comprehensive and deep level.


Not just the chakras, or the auras... but everything down to blockages stuck on a deep cellular level that MOST healing modalities don't address. 


All this and more, you'll master in my 3-day certification program... where we meet online virtually for 3 days,  face to face with Akahi and Camila... so you get all the feedback you need, and walk away confident of your healing abilities. 


...And at the end of it all, you get this certification below...


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Life Is NEVER The Same Again After the

3 Day Breatharian Healer Certification Program...

By Akahi & Camila

Founders of Breatharian Healing 



Scientically Proven